Nyang Tingdzin Zangpo

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Nyangben Tingdzin Zangpo was a member of the illustrious Nyang clan. He was a monk. His grandfather was Nangzang Dukong held the official post of drungpa in 745 but fell from power and was executed. Tingdzin Zangpo made up for this by helping to ensure the succession of King Trisong Deutsen’s son, Senalek Jinyon, in 798, and he served as tutor to prince Tride Songstan. Following Vimalamitra’s exile to China and his long absence from Tibet, Nyang is said to have practiced the Nyingtik for fifty years, mastering it, and transmitting it to Drom Rinchen Bar and several others. Most agree that he died in his fifty-fifth year, his body dissolving into rainbow light in the Drak Lhalu cave on Chakpori Hill, just across from the Potala. He was the first Tibetan recorded as displaying this level of attainment.

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